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I’m party planning over here. One of my best friends is having her fourth child, she already has three beautiful, sweet as angel boys and the fourth one coming is a girl! I know everyone is just so excited and I love that my friends are having babies because being Auntie is seriously a fun and honorable role to have and my friends should have a zillion children because they are each incredible people that need to reproduce. That’s how I feel about everyone having babies!

Since this is the fourth baby, to be named Elle, and it’s getting hot already, I decided an ice cream sprinkle would be a good idea. Get it? Baby sprinkle, ice cream sprinkles, yeah yeah.


I suggested Jennifer register at, it’s a great wedding, baby and gift registry and works with any store in the world. Isn’t that so nice, that way you don’t have to pick a favorite store, you can register for anything you want on one place – so you can register to your heart’s content! You can also register for cash gifts by creating a cash fund – it can help with a nursery fund, home fund, or honeymoon.

Here’s an example of what a baby registry looks like.

I found these cute treat cups and table covers from the Target Spritz line. I can’t find them online so you have to go to the store.


I can’t show everything just yet but will share more pics next month when I throw the sprinkle – it’ll be an evening event on the patio so we can enjoy the outdoor treats! I read to scoop the ice cream in cups ahead of time so it doesn’t melt and it’s cleaner and easier to distribute with a fun toppings bar.

If you’re expecting a baby, here’s a neat graphic to help you decide what to put in your registry if you’re blanking on ideas.

This Infographic is presented by

How to prepare for a baby

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Historic Ruins in Ayutthaya


Sadly, this is the final post in a series of 5 blog posts dedicated to Thailand. I still have China coming up!

We continued driving to Ayutthaya, a home of a lot of Thailand (formerly Siam) history. You can see the old city ruins, from one of the wars with Burma (there were many). Also there is a gorgeous spot that resembled Europe which you know means I was in absolute heaven!

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

I felt right at home at Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, also known as Summer Palace – a mix of Asian and European architecture. This location is a palace complex formerly used by the Thai kings.

The palace had a very strict dress code for the entire grounds – not just the temple, and was checked upon entering. Thank goodness I wore a slip, they checked the sheerness of the dress and tied my scarf around my shoulders. I would have worn jeans and a wool sweater to see the grounds of Summer Palace – we rented a cart so we could cover the grounds quicker and get a breeze going.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-312Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-306 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-313 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-315

Ayutthaya Historical Park

These are the ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya. The city was captured by the Burmese in 1569 and the historical park has a few park sites within.


This one is Wat Phra Sri Sanphet – lots of stairs to walk up to see a few golden Buddhas.

This one is Wat Phra Sri Sanphet – lots of stairs to walk up to see a few golden Buddhas. Worshippers kicked off their shoes, paid for gold leafing to put on the Buddha statues.

Worshippers kicked off their shoes, paid for gold leafing to put on the Buddha statues.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-328 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-337 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-338 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-339 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-342

We jumped back on the bus to drive a short distance down the street to Wat Mahathat.


Check this out! The famous Buddha head in the tree roots! If you take a photo with it, you must kneel down as to stand over his head – there’s a sign that instructs you and there are also several workers on patrol to ensure you aren’t walking or sitting on the ruins and homoring the rules.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-348 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-350 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-354 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-357

And this post wraps up my Thailand trip!

Thailand Conclusion

From the beaches of Phi Phi to temples and the market, there’s so much to do in Thailand. Overall I would suggest it, but I would advise not going in April since it’s the hottest month of the year and avoid wet season (which is rainy and miserable I hear).

The Thai are so kind, so welcoming towards tourists. Tourism is their second highest income for Thailand. China is the number one country who visits, with America coming in second – so keep in mind that you will see a lot of Chinese tourists and Thailand is Asia – it may be crowded (but if you’re an avid traveler you’ll probably be flexible and know cultures differ and to be easy going). The exchange rate is out of this world great for a US traveler, and to get an idea of our trip cost, we booked it through Groupon with Affordable Asia tours for $1200 out of LAX, flights and 10 days, hotel and breakfast included. Our Phi Phi island trip was a detour, well worth the extra $500 extra in expense. And spending money, I usually bring $700-$1000 to spend on miscellaneous, meals, taxis, excursions and shopping. This trip I spent about $600 but that’s extreme since most meals were $1.25 to $15.

I would especially encourage Thailand for the younger, energetic crowd, and for those who love Thai food, especially! Just be up for an adventure and embrace the culture. Be willing to get uncomfortable, try the unique food, eat the street food – it’s fine! Drink the Thai tea (or in my case Thai coffee) and enjoy your experience! I hope I encouraged you to put Thailand on your adventure list!

Photographs taken with a Sony NEX-5R and Canon G7 X.

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3 latest discoveries

This was a great month for discovering some really cool products I’m excited to share with you! This is one of the best parts about blogging, I read my inbox and read about new products, try them, and report back to you!

Travel with your favorite fragrance

Sometimes perfumes have a smaller bottle but not all do. My favorite perfume that I ALWAYS get compliments on is Sierra Vista 2142 by Krigler (2mL sample). There is a small sample which is what was sent to me for blogging and I went crazy and Mr. Wonderful bought me the 100 mL bottle which we laugh saying I should not use it all, or make sure I use it all so it doesn’t go bad.

Travalo has sleek looking, TSA approved refillable portable fragrance holders – holds 5mL of fragrance (65 sprays).

DEP_5279 Classic HD Travalo (c/o)
50% off with code: MOM until May 31

Cost is $19.99 and it’s so easy to fill directly from a big fragrance spray bottle. There’s no funnel, spilling and trust me, with the pricey fragrance I wear each drop is precious to me! See the video how to refill here.

Double your shoe storage

I know, saying “double your shoe storage” is like writing something holy like “Bible” right? My husband repeatedly tells me I need to get rid of some shoes. He may as well tell me I need to drink sour milk for the rest of my life.

Shoe Slotz (c/o) is a shoe stacking organizer that doubles your shoe space – your pair of shoes are on top of each other!


For a 6-piece set it is $14.99 plus shipping and handling (holds 6 pairs of shoes). This works for all size shoes and heels, but I think they work best for sneakers, and certain wedges – fancy shoes with a high heels and ornate ankle details may not fit because that will make your shoe height like 8″ which might be too tall to fit under the slot. You can however fit it as best as you can right under and the top shoe placement will work. Good news, all of Mr.’s shoes can, so we can make his shoe collection smaller too, if you get what I’m saying.

Find at Shoe Slotz website,, in stores nationwide at Boscov’s and Walgreens and in select Bed Bath & Beyond and JC Penney locations.

Garden Gloves with Claws

I have to admit I stopped wearing gloves while gardening because it was easier to have my hands to get down and dirty in the dirt but keeping a manicure long? Forget about it! When I discovered these gloves, I was pretty excited – I can multitask!

Built-in claws on the Garden Genie (c/o) make gardening so much easier when it comes to transplanting, digging holes, spreading mulch, I can rake and dig with my gloves without getting the pads of my fingers sore from scratching hard soil. You can also rinse the Garden Genie clean, they are waterproof which is a huge deal for an avid gardener like myself.


Comes in two sizes, double offer for $10 plus processing and handling. Fabuloso!

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